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CPD hours and mandatory activities


7.2 Advisers must complete at least 20 hours of acceptable professional development activities, including any mandatory activities, during each 12 month licensing period.

Minimum hours

You are required to complete 20 hours of acceptable CPD activities for each year that you are licensed.

If you have not completed 20 hours of acceptable CPD you will not meet the required competency standards and may be refused a licence.

The guidelines in this Toolkit are designed to assist you so that you should be very clear on what acceptable CPD activities are. If you are unsure if an activity is acceptable, please contact the Authority for assistance.

If you are taking a break from licensing, for example for illness or parental leave, you may surrender your licence and reapply within 12 months without completing any refresher training. You will not be required to complete CPD activities for any period you are unlicensed. (If you take a break from licensing for more than 12 months, you will be required to complete refresher training before reapplying for a licence.)

If you are taking a break but do not wish to surrender your licence, please contact the Authority to discuss your options.

Where exceptional circumstances arise and you are not able to complete your required CPD hours, please let us know and we will take this into account.

Mandatory activities

All New Zealand licensed advisers, including those who are Australian Registered Migration Agents, must attend a minimum of one webinar run by the IAA during each licensing year as a mandatory activity towards annual continuing professional development (CPD).

Webinar registration records may be reviewed on receipt of renewal applications. We are able to verify that you have viewed the recording once you register.

We also recommend watching past or additional recorded webinars during your licensing year presented by IAA as part of your ongoing development, supplementary to attending the current one mandatory session.

Upcoming and past webinars can be found here.