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We run webinars designed to help licensed immigration advisers better understand their professional responsibilities and improve the standard of immigration advice they provide.

All licensed immigration advisers must attend one webinar run by the IAA each licensing year.

You may count watching a recording of webinar towards your 20 hours of required CPD as long as it includes interaction, such as questions and answers. All of our webinars include Q&A. However, we do recommend that to get the most value from this activity you get together with at least one other adviser to discuss the content.

To view a webinar, you are required to register your name and email address. Please take a screenshot of your completed registration page for your CPD record before you click “submit”. We are able to verify that you have viewed the recording once you register.

NOTE: For webinar recordings prior to year 2020, please take a screenshot of the YouTube webinar recording.

Past webinars