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Operating without a licence

Providing immigration advice is a licensed, recognised profession. Anyone who gives advice about New Zealand immigration matters must be licensed, or exempt from holding a licence.

If you’re not licensed or exempt and you provide advice on immigration, you could face a fine of up to NZ$100,000 and/or up to seven years’ imprisonment — even if you don’t charge a fee for your advice.

If you're in a position where people are asking you for immigration advice, you have three options. You can:

  1. become a licensed immigration adviser
  2. engage an adviser who is licensed, or exempt from holding a licence
  3. tell your client that they can make their own application. Immigration New Zealand can help them with this.

Become a licensed immigration adviser

If you’re concerned that you’ve been providing immigration advice without a licence, you should:

  • seek independent legal advice, or
  • consider getting a licence yourself.

Become a licensed adviser

Find a licensed immigration adviser

If you need to engage someone else to give a client advice, the following people can help:

  • a licensed immigration adviser, or
  • someone who's exempt from holding a licence. This could be a lawyer with a current New Zealand practising certificate, for example.

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Get help from Immigration New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand can also provide advice. They can help people find visa application forms and guides to apply online themselves.

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