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Immigration advisers must be licensed or exempt from licensing. There are significant penalties for people who provide New Zealand immigration advice without a licence or exemption.

To become a licensed immigration adviser you must meet the requirements set out in the Immigration Adviser Competency Standards 2016 or the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997(external link).

The competency standards require initial licence applicants to hold an approved qualification or entry course, to have knowledge of New Zealand’s immigration advisers licensing scheme, to have knowledge of New Zealand immigration law and immigration instructions, to be able to prepare, lodge and administer immigration applications, to be able to communicate professionally in English, and to be able to conduct business professionally, ethically and responsibly.

From 26 November 2015, all first-time New Zealand immigration advisers must hold a provisional licence for two years. This will require them to work under the direct supervision of a person holding a full immigration adviser licence

Licence types

There are three different types of immigration adviser licence.

Immigration adviser licence types
Full Can provide advice on all immigration matters.
Provisional Can provide advice on all immigration matters but must be supervised by a full licence holder.
Limited Can only provide advice on certain immigration matters.

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