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Keeping records

Both provisional licence holders and supervisors must keep records relating to the supervision arrangement.

The provisional licence holder and their supervisor are encouraged to develop template documents to record the supervision.

Records should include:

  • the supervision agreement, as approved by the Registrar
  • a list of client files for which the supervisor is providing direct supervision
  • the provisional licence holder’s professional development plan and record
  • minutes of supervision meetings.

Minutes of supervision meetings should include:

  • the date of when the meeting occurred
  • the aims and learning outcomes for the session, relevant to the adviser’s continuing professional development plan
  • details about the topics or cases that were discussed
  • progress towards professional development goals
  • any actions that are to be taken as a result of the meeting.

In accordance with section 57 of the Act, the Registrar may inspect these records.

Below is a Supervision minutes template.