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Register of licensed immigration advisers

This policy sets out the functions of the register of licensed immigration advisers (the register).

Legislative purposes

Section 77 of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 (the Act) requires the Registrar of Immigration Advisers (the Registrar) to keep and maintain a register of licensed immigration advisers(external link).

The Registrar keeps and maintains the register on the Immigration Advisers Authority’s website. The register is also available in hard copy on request.

The register is a searchable database that, among other things, lists all licensed immigration advisers and their business contact details.

The purpose of the register is to enable consumers to know:

  • how to contact a licensed immigration adviser
  • whether or not a person is licensed as an immigration adviser
  • whether or not a person’s licence has been cancelled or suspended, or whether a person’s application for a licence has been refused.

Contents of the register

The Act requires the register to include:

  • the full name of every licensed immigration adviser
  • their business address and service address
  • details of their employer if applicable
  • their licence number
  • the date of each registration of their licence; for example, the yearly renewal
  • the type of licence that they have; whether it is a full, limited or provisional licence
  • any terms or conditions associated with the licence
  • if applicable the date on which any cancellation, surrender or suspension of licence took place
  • the name and details of anyone who has been refused a licence.

The register is updated every time a new immigration licence application is successful and if there is a change of details of an adviser; for example, the contact information, an upgrade of a licence or the expiry of a licence.