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The Immigration Advisers Authority (the Authority) has developed this Code of Conduct Toolkit to assist licensed immigration advisers to:

  • understand the professional responsibilities they have to clients and stakeholders under the Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct 2014 (Code)
  • understand the professional practice requirements that they must adhere to under the Code
  • be able to successfully identify, and address, any issues that arise in complying with the Code.

By publishing this document, the Authority seeks to:

  • foster transparency, consistency and professionalism
  • encourage meaningful discussion that will contribute positively to the on- going development of the immigration advice profession
  • contribute to better overall outcomes for the New Zealand immigration system
  • encourage the sharing of information to enhance the continuing professional development of licensed immigration advisers.

The Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct 2014

The Code has three key purposes:

  • to set out a common statement of how advisers will behave when conducting their business with their clients - a statement to which all agree to subscribe, and by which all agree to be bound
  • to guide advisers in their everyday business and professional decision-making, which enables them to meet the legitimate expectations of other stakeholders involved in the New Zealand immigration system
  • to act as a written reference point in any complaints process or other proceedings.

The Code of Conduct Toolkit may be read in conjunction with the Ethics Toolkit which may assist advisers to make professional and ethically responsible decisions.