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Newsletter non-delivery

Newsletter non-delivery

There are three main reasons why your email newsletter may not have arrived in your inbox.

  1. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is using a content filter and has determined that the newsletter exceeds their "might be spam" threshold. Some ISPs are stricter than others.
  2. The ISP is using a blacklist and has stopped the newsletter. Like all commercial email solutions, there is a chance that it could be listed on a blacklist (although this happens very rarely).
  3. You have chosen tight spam controls, perhaps to block all email from unknown senders. Your newsletter may have been delivered but, due to tight spam controls, it may have ended up in the spam or bulk folder.
  4. The email address you have supplied to the Authority is out of date. Our distribution list is compiled using the email addresses advisers have given us. If your email, mobile number or any of your contact details have changed, please login and update your details(external link).

To avoid missing any newsletters in future, we recommend adding immigrationadvisersauthority@createsend.com to your email address book.

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