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ALERTS: Due to our current volume of applications our processing time frames are a lot longer than usual. The processing time frames are currently exceeding our usual timeframes. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Licence Identification (ID)

Identification (ID) card and certificate is a simple way to verify your identity as a Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA). If someone asks to see evidence of your licence, you have a duty to provide it.

Lost or replacement cards

A replacement card can be requested if:

  • your identification (ID card and/or certificate) is lost or stolen or damaged, or
  • wish to update your photo on the identification pack or
  • your appearance has changed significantly from the photo on your current licensed immigration adviser identification card or
  • your name changes from the name on the card and the register; please submit a legal name change request from the adviser’s portal(external link).

Replacement licence identification (ID) charge is $26.09 for offshore and $30 for onshore licensed immigration advisers.

Replacement Identification Form [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Important Note:

If you were expecting a licence identification that hasn’t arrived and your licence application was approved within last 3 months, please contact us prior to submitting your replacement identification form.