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Application history

You can use the IAA online portal to follow the progress of an application while it's being considered by the Authority.

We aim to process fully completed:

  • initial licence applications within 15 working days
  • fast-track renewal applications within five working days
  • inspection renewal applications within 25 working days
  • licence re-applications within 15 working days, or within 25 working days if it involves an inspection
  • upgrade licence applications within 25 working days.

If we have any concerns about your application, we'll contact you in writing. You'll be notified by email when your application has been processed.

Check on progress of an application

You can check on your application by logging in to the portal and viewing your Application history. The status column tells you what's happening.

Application history(external link)

StatusWhat is happening?What does this mean?
Not visible Your application is in draft and has not been submitted Revisit and continue your draft
Submitted You have paid the application fee (if any) You can download and print invoice and receipt for any fees
  The Registrar is checking your application You can download and print an Original Record of Application
  If you elected to supply some documents by mail Ensure you have sent all outstanding documents
Assessment A lodgement check will be performed Confirms all required information and documents have been supplied
  A fitness and competence check will be performed Decides on your fitness and competence to hold a licence
Finalised Application has been decided by the Registrar Check your email for a message
  If your application has been Approved in Principle and a levy is payable Login to Invoicing and levy payment to pay the levy to complete your application
  If your application has been Refused Refer to correspondence

Copy of application

Uner Application history, click on the download link to get a PDF copy of your application details – known as an ‘Original Record of Application’.

Application history(external link)

Next steps

The next step in the application process is often paying the levy and receiving your licence. You’ll get an email advising that your application has been finalised and a levy is due.

Paying your levy(external link)

If you decide not to progress with your application, you may be entitled to a refund. Contact us to withdraw your application and ask about a refund.

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