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This page sets out clauses 29 to 32 of the Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct 2014.


  1. A licensed immigration adviser must not misrepresent or promote in a false, fraudulent or deceptive manner:
    1. themselves, including their qualifications or their licence status or type 
    2. their business
    3. their employees
    4. the client
    5. immigration opportunities or risks, or
    6. New Zealand’s immigration requirements.

Former government officials

  1. Licensed immigration advisers who are former government officials must take special care to ensure representations regarding their qualifications and past employment are strictly factual and must not promote the notion that they may have special access or influence.


  1. A licensed immigration adviser must:
    1. not deliberately or negligently provide false or misleading documentation to, or deliberately or negligently conceal relevant information from, the decision maker in regard to any immigration matter they are representing, and
    2. if they become aware that false or misleading documentation has been provided to, or that relevant information has been concealed from, the decision maker in regard to any immigration matter they are representing:
      1. inform the client about the potential consequences of continuing to misrepresent themselves to the decision maker
      2. discuss with the client the ways the misrepresentation or concealment could be remedied, and
      3. should the client not consent to take action to remedy the situation, terminate their services to the client in writing.

Trade mark

  1. A licensed immigration adviser must, if using the “Licensed by Immigration Advisers Authority” trade mark, do so in accordance with the Trade Mark Licence Agreement.