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Review of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

In April 2014, the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment commissioned Martin Jenkins to undertake an external review of the immigration adviser licensing system.

The resulting report, Review of the Regulation of Immigration Advice, concluded that a relatively high degree of regulation is justified given the nature of any harm should there be unethical and incompetent adviser activity. The review made 14 recommendations involving a mix of legislative, regulatory and operational changes to improve the licensing system.

 Following further consultation, the Immigration Advisers Authority:

  • Bolstered the immigration adviser’s entry qualification to a one-year graduate diploma (full-time)
  • Introduced a requirement for all immigration advisers to hold a provisional licence for two years before they may upgrade to a full licence
  • Introduced a new continuing professional development (CPD) framework for licensed immigration advisers
  • Extended fast-track renewal to all advisers, coupled with an increased number of risk-based inspections.