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2016 Adviser satisfaction survey results

The purpose of the Adviser Satisfaction Survey is to measure the level of satisfaction with the Immigration Advisers Authority’s (IAA) services and the usefulness of its resources among licensed immigration advisers, both onshore and offshore. The survey response rate was 30%: a decline from previous years (38% in 2015 and 48% in 2014).

Customer satisfaction

A high proportion of respondents were satisfied with the IAA’s quality of service

  • 76% were ‘satisfied’ with the IAA’s overall quality of service (67% in 2015, 64% in 2014).
  • Offshore respondents were significantly more ‘satisfied’ with their most recent call to the IAA’s main contact number than onshore respondents (80% offshore vs 61% onshore).

A high proportion of respondents were positive about the performance of the IAA staff

Respondents were asked to rate statements on the performance of the IAA staff according to their experience.

  • All statements were rated considerably higher when compared with the 2015 results, with the exception of “staff did what they said they would do” which maintained a similar rating to the 2015 survey findings.

The statement “I was treated fairly” received the highest level of agreement and was also the statement with the most improved rating (81% compared with 50% in 2015).

Perception of licensing

A high proportion of respondents were positive about the immigration adviser scheme

  • More than 84% of respondents agreed that the immigration adviser licensing scheme has improved the perception of New Zealand as a migration destination and has added value to the New Zealand immigration industry.
  • More than three-quarters of respondents agreed that the new IAA Online services have made it easier for advisers to interact with the IAA.

Professional Development

A high proportion of respondents were positive about many of the IAA’s tools for their professional development

  • The monthly newsletter was deemed the most helpful resource in developing both onshore and offshore respondents (76%) as licensed advisers.
  • The Authority's ‘Continuing Professional Development’ webinar, the Authority’s 2016 Code of Conduct webinar, the Continuing Professional Development Toolkit, and the 2014 Code of Conduct Toolkit were deemed significantly more helpful to onshore respondents than to those offshore.

Additional comments

Additional comments were provided by 68 respondents (21% of all survey participants). Comments and suggestions were made on practical training and guidance, unethical practices in the industry and the licence fees and renewal process.