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Developing a supervision agreement

Under clause 11 of the Code, a provisional licence holder and their supervisor must have a supervision agreement in place that is approved by the Registrar.

The provisional licence applicant must develop a supervision agreement with their proposed supervisor and provide a signed copy of their agreement to the Registrar for approval with their licence application.

All supervision agreements must contain:

The Authority has developed a model supervision agreement. However, it is important that you tailor this to accurately reflect the actual agreement between the provisional licence holder and the supervisor.

Remember that all supervision agreements must contain:

  • any supervision fee to be charged or a note that there will be no charges
  • how often the provisional licence holder and supervisor will meet
  • a professional development plan for the provisional licence holder.

So you don’t have to seek approval for an new supervision agreement in the event your supervisor is unavailable, it is strongly recommended that the supervision agreement includes an alternative full licence holder to act in the supervision role in the absence of the supervisor.