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Transitional arrangements

Licensed immigration advisers seeking to renew their licence between 26 November 2015 and 25 November 2016 must, at a minimum, have completed for their last licensing period:

  • At least 20 hours of professional development activities relevant to the Immigration Adviser Competency Standards and/or the Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct that must include active learning and may include self-directed learning.

These requirements mirror those in the Immigration Advisers Competency Standards 2013.


Licensed immigration advisers seeking to renew their licence from 26 November 2016 must have complied fully with the new CPD requirements set out in this Toolkit for their last licensing period.

This means you will need to develop your first CPD plan and record shortly after your licence is renewed between 26 November 2015 and 25 November 2016.

However, if you wish, you may start following the new CPD requirements immediately. You may submit a CPD plan and record according to the new requirements with any inspection renewal application from 26 November 2015.

The following scenarios show examples of what will be acceptable in the transitional year. They are not exhaustive.

Scenario 1

My licence expires in May 2016.  I am informed that I am to submit an inspection renewal. In March 2016, I login to the IAA website and complete the inspection renewal application form. It asks me to either complete the CPD plan and record online or upload my own records.

I choose to upload my own records and a description of the CPD I undertook. In my last licensing year I attended two seminars relating to immigration matters (eight hours) and completed 12 hours of self study related to immigration law. It is acceptable for me to count self-directed learning this time, but it won’t be next year.

Scenario 2

My licence  is due for renewal in August 2016. I can complete a fast-track renewal application online as I am not being inspected this year. Over the last year I have completed 20 hours of relevant CPD, including some self-directed learning. I can truthfully make the declaration in the fast-track renewal form that I meet the competency standards.

Scenario 3

My licence is due for renewal in October 2016. While technically I may count self-directed learning towards my CPD for the last year, I have been making an effort to follow the new requirements.

Earlier this year, I logged in to iaa.govt.nz and wrote up a CPD plan for the year with two learning needs and three proposed activities. I formed a study group with three other licensed advisers in my city and we have met every two months for 1.5 hours. I attended three relevant seminars and had 1 to 1 coaching from an experienced adviser on how to manage competing deadlines better.

Each time I completed an activity I logged on to iaa.govt.nz and made a note of the activity completed, my reflections and uploaded my records. I could easily see when I had completed 20 hours. I also made changes to my plan from time to time.

When I came to submit my inspection renewal application they asked me if I wanted to use my IAA Online records, I said yes and I didn’t need to do anything further.