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Immigration adviser barred for serious misconduct

Media release

20 August 2013

An immigration adviser has been barred from her profession for serious misconduct.

Alyssa Tan, associated with Asia & New Zealand Consultants Ltd in Auckland and Mheta Immigration Consultancy in the Philippines, had her licence cancelled by the Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal.

The Tribunal found Ms Tan:

Ms Tan refused to admit any wrongdoing, said the Tribunal’s decision was wrong and made a personal attack on the client in response to the complaint.

The Tribunal chair said: “The statutory disciplinary process has brought Ms Tan neither insight, nor a determination to rehabilitate herself.

I am accordingly satisfied alternative disciplinary sanctions would not be sufficient to cause Ms Tan to accept and maintain professional standards. The public will only be adequately protected, and the objectives of the Act achieved, by cancelling her licence.”

Ms Tan was prevented from applying for a licence for two years, censured and ordered to pay a $5,000 penalty and a $4,700 refund.

The complaint was one of two that was upheld. The other complaint related to Ms Tan lodging visa applications that had no hope of success and carried a penalty of $3,500.

Migrant warning

The Immigration Advisers Authority is not aware of any licensed immigration advisers working at Asia & New Zealand Consultants Ltd or Mheta Immigration Consultancy at this time.

The Authority advises migrants to check if the person giving them immigration advice is licensed or exempt. Migrants can get help from Immigration New Zealand directly.

If you, or anyone you know, has received immigration advice from someone who is not licensed, the Authority would like to hear from you. All information is received in confidence and will not affect your visa application.

For more about who can help with immigration applications and a full list of licensed immigration advisers visit our website www.iaa.govt.nz.

For help with visa applications, Immigration New Zealand can be contacted on 0508 558 855 (from New Zealand) or +64 9 914 4100 (from overseas).

To report someone giving immigration advice without a licence, the Immigration Advisers Authority can be contacted at info@iaa.govt.nz or on 0508 422 422 (from New Zealand) or +64 9 925 3838 (from overseas).


Notes to editor

The Immigration Advisers Authority was set up to promote and protect the interests of people receiving New Zealand immigration advice.

We do this by:

Under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 anyone giving immigration advice must have a licence unless they are exempt. Exempt people include lawyers with a current New Zealand practising certificate and Citizens Advice Bureaux staff among others.

The Authority is independent of Immigration New Zealand and cannot give immigration advice or influence a visa application.