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July newsletter

Message from Registrar Catherine Albiston

Image of Catherine Albiston, Registrar of Immigration AdvisersI am pleased to announce that from 1 July you may renew your licence by lodging a fast-track renewal form, unless we have informed you that you will be inspected.

Following closely, in August, our fast-track renewal form will be available for you to complete and submit online. More on this below.

It has been brought to my attention that some advisers struggle with clients not paying money owed. One option to consider is using a client account, where you take money up-front and keep it in the client account until it is due. Read more on this below.

Last month I talked about INZ’s broad communication of IAA’s message to employers and education providers. This communications initiative has continued in June with similar communications going to education providers, education agents and accredited employers.

Thank you to all of you who completed our satisfaction survey. We will have a report on the survey results next month.

Catherine Albiston, Registrar of Immigration Advisers

image of calendar dates. You asked...

“How long does it take?” is our most common phone and email query.

From 1 July 2015 we aim to process:

Fast-track renewal roll-out from 1 July 2015

cover image of form 302. From 1 July you may renew your licence through our current paper-based fast-track process, unless we inform you that you will be inspected.

Last year Martin Jenkins recommended that the Authority further reduce the compliance costs associated with licensing renewal. Following broad consultation with advisers in late 2014 we agreed to roll out fast-track renewal for all advisers, unless they were selected for an inspection.

Advisers will be informed two months before their expiry date if we require an inspection. In the first instance, this will involve the Authority requesting one specific file from those that you have lodged with INZ in the last year. This paper-based inspection may be followed up with an on-site visit.

All other advisers will be able to submit a fast-track renewal form. If you have already lodged a standard renewal form, you do not need to re-submit a fast-track form.

Fast-track applications will be available on-line soon, but until then you must lodge a paper application.

IAA Online

clip image of lady balancing on a clock. In August, our first online application will go live.

Advisers will be able to login through the IAA website using RealMe. You will be able to use the same RealMe login details as you use to access INZ’s apply on behalf.

Advisers will be able to update their details, such as a change in address, email or website. Changes will automatically be updated to the Register.

Advisers will also be able to lodge a fast-track renewal online, including making payment.

All other application forms will remain paper-based until our next release on 26 November 2015.

What will I need to lodge an online fast-track renewal?

We will be testing the new system with our reference group this month and full guidelines will be provided to you when it goes live.

Why are fees not dropping for fast-track renewals?

image of dollar sign. Many of you have expressed concern with the high cost of annual licensing. With the introduction of online fast-track renewal forms you may question why the fee and levy remain the same.

The Authority has extended eligibility for fast-track renewals to allow it to use its existing resource to conduct inspections rather than processing standard renewal applications. This means the Authority will be using its limited resource more effectively to educate advisers and identify competency issues.

The Authority is constantly reviewing how it may operate more effectively and efficiently.

What do I do if a client doesn’t pay?

paid stamp image. Some advisers struggle with clients not paying money owed.

One option to consider is using a client account, where you take money up-front and keep it in a dedicated client account until it is due.

While you cannot access the funds before the work is completed and the money is due, you can have assurance that you will be paid.

Read about how to manage advance payments here >>

Reaching migrants

Catherine Albistonand the Philippines Ambassador.

Registrar, Catherine Albiston, met with the Philippines Ambassador to better inform her about immigration adviser licensing requirements. The Ambassador will assist the Authority to communicate with the Philippines community about the importance of using an adviser who is licensed or exempt.

Did you know, under Competency Standard 4.1...?

question mark. Advisers must be able to demonstrate their ability to assess a client’s immigration situation including:

When the Authority is assessing an adviser’s competency against a client file, we expect the file to show that these client eligibility assessment steps have been taken. 

Read the Competency Standards>>

Tribunal decisions

Reading Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal decisions will help develop your understanding of the standards expected of licensed immigration advisers.

Read recent Tribunal decisions here>>

We welcome your feedback

Feedback image. How can we do better? Have we done a good job? Whatever the feedback, compliments or complaints, we want to hear from you.

Email us at info@iaa.govt.nz.