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February newsletter


Message from the Registrar

Barry Smedts - IAA RegistrarAfter more than six years as Registrar of the IAA, I have decided that the time is right for me to hand over to the next Registrar and I will be retiring from the public sector. I am very proud of what we have achieved here.

I wish to extend my personal thanks to the industry for your understanding of the need for regulation, and the professionalism I now see being displayed. I have valued your willingness to provide input and the cooperation that so many of you have demonstrated in working with me to lift the standards. It is my belief that these efforts have turned immigration advice into a true profession.

The qualification has been a particular highlight for me and I am delighted with the calibre of the graduates.

I am immensely proud of the people at the Authority and know they will continue to assist you where they can.

My last day at work will be 28 February. I hope to see as many of you as possible before I leave, but take this opportunity to say farewell.

Barry Smedts


Act review

Image of books on Law. The Minister of Immigration has commissioned a review of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007, to ensure that the regulatory regime for immigration advice protects consumers without unduly constraining immigration advisers.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is contracting a third party to carry out the review, and expects to appoint a reviewer in February 2014.

Consulting with advisers will be a significant element of the review. We will provide information on how advisers can input into the review process in next month’s newsletter.


New renewals process

Image of IAA licence. In January we rolled out a new licence renewal process. The new process focuses less on code compliance and more on adviser competency, taking on board feedback from advisers.

We would love to hear from anyone who has renewed under the new process. Email us at info@iaa.govt.nz.


Join the discussion

Image of people in office. Join the discussion on issues concerning your profession at the 2014 Licensed Advisers Reference Group.

The Authority’s focus will be to listen to your highest priorities. The first meeting will start with a blank agenda to allow us to discuss your concerns, views and ideas.

You need to be available for four full-day meetings on the following Tuesdays:

8 April
24 June
2 September
25 November.

From those who express interest, we will select 10 licensed immigration advisers including an NZAMI representative and an NZAIP representative. We aim to have one offshore adviser. The group also includes an INZ representative and a consumer representative from the Office of Ethnic Affairs.

Thank you to those who have already volunteered for the 2014 Reference Group.

To register your interest, email us at info@iaa.govt.nz by 28 February 2014.

Read what was discussed by the 2013 group >>


Image of Immigration Advice Consumer Guide. A Guide to Licensed Immigration Advisers

The first draft of our new Guide to Licensed Immigration Advisers will be emailed to you for your feedback this month.

The new guide will replace the Immigration Advice Consumer Guide (shown right).





2014 Code


Due to adviser feedback the Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct Workshop will remain open this month. Originally planned to run until 31 January 2014, the workshop will now be available until 30 June 2014.

Code of Conduct 2014 cover image. Reasons to join the workshop

• The entire workshop is online and you can do it in your own time

• A growing number of your adviser colleagues have completed it

• Time spent on the workshop (5-8 hours) counts towards your CPD for the year

• You can check your understanding of the 2014 Code and how it applies to you in a fun way with quizzes and scenarios

The workshop, costs NZ$89.95 (incl GST).

Changes to the website

The Authority website has been changed significantly in light of the new code. Here are some links that you may find useful.

2014 Code web page or 2014 Code pdf

Professional Standards leaflet to hand out and explain to clients.

English | simplified Chinese | traditional Chinese | Korean | Samoan | Tongan


Code of Conduct Toolkit web pages or Code of Conduct Toolkit pdf

Ethics Toolkit web pages or in Ethics Toolkit pdf

Licensing Toolkit web pages or Licensing Toolkit pdf


Image of New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisers Professional Standards. Did you know, under the 2014 code...

You are no longer required to hand out, explain and display the code of conduct.

Instead you are required to hand out and explain a short summary of the code to clients called the New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisers Professional Standards (clause 17).

You are also required to show clients that you are licensed under clause 14.




Complaints processing

Scales of Justice. There is currently a delay in the complaints process and we apologise to those affected by it.

In May 2013, the Tribunal issued a Practice Note detailing how it requires complaint cases to be prepared and referred.

The Practice Note required considerable change to our process which we are finalising.

In addition to us working towards a new process in line with the Tribunal’s requirements, the Tribunal has issued Directions for cases which had already been referred to it. These Directions require the Registrar to put the complaint into the new Practice Note format.

This means the Authority has not been in a position to efficiently refer new complaints to the Tribunal.

We are unable to give a specific timeframe on how long the delay will be as the process is still being finalised.

We have acquired additional resource to assist us and are working very hard to ensure the backlog is cleared as soon as possible. We will keep you informed.


INZ seminars/information sessions: 2014 dates

INZ Logo. Invitations will be sent to licensed advisers known to INZ Area Managers. Invitations will specify dates where these are not confirmed below.


11 April | 15 August | 5 December
Wayne Levick | Area Manager | 09 985 4280 | Wayne.Levick@mbie.govt.nz


March | June | October
Ross Grigg | Area Manager | 07 957 3204 | Ross.Grigg@mbie.govt.nz

Palmerston North

22 May | 25 September
These are regional meetings - ie not student related meetings
Colin Gunn | Technical Adviser | 06 952 6908 | Colin.Gunn@mbie.govt.nz

Wellington/Business Migration Branch (combined)

March or April
Jan Clark |Area Manager | 04 915 4686 | Jan.Clark@mbie.govt.nz


9 May | 17 October
Janine Parsons | Area Manager | 03 963 7800 | Janine.Parsons@mbie.govt.nz


22 April | 26 August
Jock Gilray | Area Manager | 86 21 2313 0055 | Jock.Gilray@mbie.govt.nz

Hong Kong

29 April | 26 August
Simon Spiers | Market Manager | 852 2879 8628 | Simon.Spiers@mbie.govt.nz


27 February | 28 August
Michelle Frankham | Market Manager | 63 2 891 5358 Ext 250 | Michelle.Frankham@mbie.govt.nz

New Delhi/Mumbai (combined)

11 February in Mumbai | August in New Dehli (date tbc at February Mumbai meeting)
Simon Smith | Area Manager | 91 11 4761 2961 | Simon.Smith@mbie.govt.nz


12 February  | 1 May | 14 August | 27 November
Jeannie Melville | Area Manager | 44 207 208 1151 | Jeannie.Melville@mbie.govt.nz


30 January | 1 August
Daniel Smidt | Market Manager | 27 12 435 9040 | Daniel.Smidt@mbie.govt.nz

For the following Area Offices, contact the Area Manager concerned:


Dean Blakemore | Area Manager | 86 10 6532 5598 | Dean.Blakemore@mbie.govt.nz


Antony Harris | Area Manager | 66 2 654 3440 | Antony.Harris@mbie.govt.nz


Law seminars

The New Zealand Law Society

Seminars will be held on appealing to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal on:

A live webinar is also available for smaller centres from 9.30am-11.30am on 18 March.

Contact NZLS on 0800 333 111, cle@lawyerseducation.co.nz or visit www.lawyerseducation.co.nz.

The Auckland District Law Society

A seminar titled: Visas, Applications and Pathways to Residence will be held on Tuesday 4 March from 4-6.15pm.

Contact ADLSI on 09 303 5270, reception@adls.org.nz or visit www.adls.org.nz.


Tribunal round up

Here are some Tribunal decisions, published since our last newsletter that you may be interested in. Note: We have only referred to decisions here that are published on the Tribunal’s website.


Decision relates to Parties Decision type Link Date PDF size

Client account; ensuring clients’ interests are represented if adviser cannot continue as representative

Dekker v Standing


[2013] NZIACDT 50

12 August 2013

81.1 KB

Penalty Decision

[2013] NZIACDT 66

23 September 2013


Allowing an unlicensed person to carry out professional functions; conflict of interest

MSC v Scholes


[2013] NZIACDT 58

10 September 2013


Penalty Decision

[2013] NZIACDT 71

25 November 2013



Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice document cover.Qualification feedback

Thank you to those that gave their feedback on the qualification.

We have passed your comments onto the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic.

Anyone still wishing to comment can copy and paste the questions from our December 2013 newsletter and email their response to info@iaa.govt.nz


Have your say

Have your say on the licensing regime in our anonymous email survey. The annual survey will be sent to all licensed advisers this week and closes on Monday 17 February 2014.


The Authority is closed for Waitangi Day

Koru image.The Authority will be closed on Waitangi Day on Thursday 6 February.

The day commemorates the signing of the Waitangi Treaty. You and your clients can find out more on our webpage dedicated to The Treaty and Maori culture.