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Summary of findings for the Adviser Satisfaction Survey 2014


The purpose of the Adviser Satisfaction Survey is to measure how satisfied licensed immigration advisers are with the service provided by the Immigration Advisers Authority. The survey also measures the perceived value of licensing.

The response rate to the 2014 survey was 48%.

Customer satisfaction

The proportion of advisers satisfied with the quality of service received from the Authority was 64% (down from 70% in 2012).

Satisfaction was higher among offshore advisers than onshore advisers, with 78% of all offshore advisers saying they were satisfied with the quality of service compared to 59% of all onshore advisers.

Interactions with the Authority

Advisers rated their recent interactions with the Authority based on nine criteria.

Perception of licensing

The percentage of advisers who agreed that licensing had:

Professional Development

For professional development, 71% of advisers found the Authority’s newsletter helpful followed by its 2014 Code of Conduct Toolkit (63%), licensing process (61%), website (61%), and Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct 2014 Workshop (40%).

Additional comments

Additional comments were provided by 79 advisers.

Comments and suggestions were made on the initial licensing process, the renewals process, the qualification, licensing pathways and complaints processing.